Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Shopping & Almost Thursday

YAY! Thursday is ALMOST here (its so close I can almost smell my new mom!) It is literally driving both me AND my mom CRAZY with anticipation. We really appreciate all of you who are counting down with us, so we will be sure not to dissapoint you all with our Airedale adventures.

So this weekend I gave mom a list and she went puppy shopping for me. Ill give you a list of what we have so far plus photos, and then if we forgot anything, before Thursday evening is the time to tell us.

  • Purina Pro Plan puppy chow with Lamb and Rice


  • Purina Pro Plan puppy biscuits
  • Old Mother Hubbard Puppy snacks

  • 2 Kong Ziggies

  • Kong Puppy Stuff'n

  • Homemade (by mom) Salmon & Cheese training treats


  • Eco-friendly Wild Yak

  • Crinkle Critters sock monkey
  • Petsmart tennis ball (thanks Amber-Mae)

  • Puppy Kong

  • Plush bone with rope (from Etsy.com)


  • Water & Food bowl

  • Leash, collar, & I.D. tag
  • Biodegradable pick up bags

  • Combo brush
  • Lavendar soap

  • Portable crate

  • Kennel

  • Puppy blanket & regular blanket

So thats it for now, this will be my last blog before I leave, so wish me a safe flight, and good luck for when I meet my new family! Love to you all

Puppy breath and lively licks



Kirby said...

YEAH GAIA, it is almost time to finally come home! Wooo Hooo, it's so exciting. I can't wait to hear how your trip was and how you like your new home and your MOM! Travel safely, and take lots of pics when you arrive. WELCOME HOME!!

Your pal,

Sparky said...

Hi Gaia!

Man, just two more days! You must be so excited you could pee!

You'd better tell has all about your trip here and meeting your human for the first time.

Looks like your human has everything ready for you! Toys, food, blankets, ... I think that collar and leash are very cool, and the purple color will totally suit you!

Travel safely now, we will be thinking of you!


Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Gaia...oh your purple collar with the heart tag is fabulous...ur stylin' already, Girl and ya haven't ever walked through the door yet!!!

Looks like ya have a good haul waitin' for ya with all those treats and toys!! Mumsie added up the mastercard bill from Pet Smart last month...she'll never do that again. So we eat a lot of rawhide...it's expensive!!!

We're so ready to really meet ya, Gaia!!!!

Terrier Barkies...

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Yeah... Can't wait for you to get to your pawsome new home Gaia

~ Girl girl

Maggie & Mitch said...

It looks like your mom has everything covered, Gaia! We love your new purple collar and tag! Great choice! This is so exciting! We can't wait to see you running around in your own house!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Faya said...

Gaia ! It is so exiting ! I wish you a nice trave. Your collar and tag are so beautiful... I think you will be like a little Princess.....
Kisses, Faya

Noah the Airedale said...

Woo hoo Gaia, we're so excited for you. Your list of food, treats and puppy stuff is just great. We're looking forward to your first ever post at your new home.

Hugs and tail wags
Noah Willow Tess Lucy

Amber-Mae said...

You're going to your new home already! You must be soooper doooper excited. I hope your trip will be a safe one. Can't wait to hear about you in your new home Gaia.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

happy said...

It's Thursday here already hee...Everyone must be so excited by now. Well, everything is in order from the look of it. Oh, don't forget to have the red carpet rolled out for you hehe...Have a safe flight!

Deetz said...

Hope you have a safe flight and be sure and let us know how everything goes....Welcome Home!!!!

Penny & Poppy said...

It looks like you're all set, Gaia! We hope you had a pleasant flight and that you are home safely with your new family now! We can't wait to hear about your first night in your new home.

Poppy & Penny

Mango said...

Dexter here -
That is the same yummy puppy food that I ate (although now that I am four months old I eat big dog food).

You sure are a good looking black and tan!