Saturday, July 26, 2008

Date with Petey in NYC

Last night I had my very first date with none other but the sweetest, scruffiest Petey! He is doing a "Bow-Chelor Doggie Style" thing with tons of lucky females and I was the first!! I was flown in to NYC on Aire-Ruby (man that thing is classy!) and he met me in NYC and off we went!

Petey showed me so many neat things. He first took me to Central Bark where there were tons of other doggies.

I think Petey noticed some of the other male doggies looking at me, but I tried to ignore them and pay all my airetention to him! He is so handsome and it isnt nice to look at other male doggies on dates.
And look at this cute photo of us with the bunnies!

So then he showed me his favorite local place to eat where we enjoyed pretzels and tube steaks.

Mmm, you sure cant get those here in Washington, Petey!

After telling him my favorite story was Stuart Little, he took me to the Conservatory Pond just like in Stuart Little!

Petey ended the date by taking us on a magical carriage ride.

Our friend Mango took over cause that huge horse was eyeballing us cause of our size! Ill show her! Thanks Mango for stepping in - that could of gotten nasty.

Lasty, Petey showed me a mosaic that said "IMAGINE" which I didnt really get but it looked pretty.

Suddenly, Petey brought out a beautiful red rose and asked me to accept.

Petey, I accept this rose!!

puppy breath and lively licks,


Friday, July 25, 2008

The King has Arrived!

Yay! Today King Louis came in from Missouri and boy is he LITTLE! Hes little, and hes so flippin cute! I mean really, was I that cute mom?? Please say yes! Anyway hes fitting right in, though Im worried hell get more attention to me. I mean I am only a dale. But hey she chose me and not a basset! I just wanna play bitey face and romp with him but mom says hes too young for it. Plus he doesnt have very good balance and he ALWAYS trips on his huge ears so I guess Ill have to wait a couple of weeks to show the little fella how to do things around here. Anyway enough of that, here are some pictures of him!

I was feeling a little left out cause after all he is the new pup on the block, so I decided to kick it with mom.

Nice PJ's mom hehe..

So Im sure hell start his own blog soon cause um, hes gotta understand yanno this blog is when he gets that up Ill let you guys know! Hope you all have a pawesome weekend!

puppy breath and lively licks,


Monday, July 21, 2008

Open for Business!

Hey everyone! As of now mom has successfully opened her very own dog treat site on! Yay mom! Yay you guys! do you know what this means???? More treat making which means more tasty treats in my mouth mmm! .. Ok well maybe not so much but still, you all need to check it out go there periodically and see what sort of goodies she has waiting! Also if you have any photos you want to see on there pee mail them to me! She already has 2 things up so hopefully more will come as soon as she makes them. She says they take a long time to make and all this other crap but I think shes just a lazy teenager! hehe dont tell her I said that ok? Hmm oh and Ill have a treat of the week up top of my page each week so you can see if shes got anything new or just as a reminder that this specwagular opportunity is here. Thats it for now, and King Louis will be here soon!!!!!!!

Puppy breath and lively licks,

Friday, July 18, 2008

Bagels, Boxes and Brothers Oh My!

Mmm-mmm! sorry everyone, Im enjoying some of this absolutely wonderful bagel and cheesy-cream that momma let me have. But trust me it wasnt easy.

I had to beg... just look at my perfect begging stance!

And viola! Hehe mm that sure was good mom, thanks!

Onto other news. Mom finally recieved the box full of boxes (what?!) so she could package the rest of your treats up so were getting those in the mail today, and tomorrow, yay!!

And while she was doing that, I was doing some very needed box edge chewing!

And to the BIGGEST news of the day!!!


IM GETTING A BROTHER!!!! Thats right a BROTHER! Ive never had a brother before! My auntie yesterday couldnt help but getting the dog shes always been wanting - a Basset Hound! She named him "King Louis" His whole name is super long and french and my french isnt very good hehe. It was moms idea cause the Basset Hound breed came from France so she suggested to name him something french! Enough of that, do you want to see some photos of his handsome little face??

Isnt the little stinker cute? Hehe hell be coming in next weekend, boy this should be fun! Ill keep you all posted, take care everyone!

puppy breath and lively licks,


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Award No. 2 Passing it on to....

Hey everyone! This morning I woke up and saw that the lovely Penny, Poppy and Patches had given me my very second award! I thought this was so so sweet of them. Im putting it on my bloggie right now hehe. So the rules are that I have to pass this on to at least 7 doggies or so, so here the winners!

  • Bolo
  • Khyra
  • Neko
  • Winnie
  • Willow
  • Asta
  • Mango

Yay congratulations you lucky 7 of my friends! You all deserve it, so come and claim it!

puppy breath and lively licks,


Saturday, July 12, 2008

New Collar/Leash & Ball!

Hey Everyone!! Today mom said something came in the mail for me! Guess what it was?? A new collar and leash! Check it out!

Pretty neat colors huh? Mom said my purple one was getting old and she though it was time to update! hey I got no problem with that mom! Hehe. And I also got a new squeeky ball woohoo! This day just keeps getting better!

And yesterday, mom and I sent out 6 lucky boxes! For those of you who get your boxes, (this applies to all of you), if you could get some pictures of you eating the treats we can use them as photos for whatever treat it is! So YOU might be chosen to be seen on our site, isnt that neat??!We apologize though, we didnt have enough boxes, so Im making mom get some more ASAP so she can get them all out to you guys by like Monday or Tuesday, so just hang in there everyone! Thats it for now, have a fun weekend!!

puppy breath and lively licks,


Monday, July 7, 2008

Im Back! Update on Torri's Tastys

Hey everyone! I am back from our trip to Astoria, and let me tell you I had sooo much fun! I didnt want to come home yesterday. I met TONS and TONS of new doggies at the hotel and plus, everyone wanted to come and pet me!! I love attention hehe. Here are some photos of me.
An exploring Dale leg hehe...

Ahhh...the ocean! What a view

Me in the hotel room on the very first day

And this was literally right outside our hotel, a great veiw, and even a very nice airea to pee and poop in!

As you can see, for my first vacation it was all an exciting new experience. Plus I didnt pee or poop in the hotel once!! Mom was really proud of me for that, especially since we stayed on the very 4th floor.

Now to business, mom has recieved most of your payments via paypal and shell be looking for the others coming snail-mail this week. I told her shes gotta start baking this week cause I know all of your mouths are salivating everytime I menton the treats hehe, so Ill let you all know when we get the first bacthes in the mail.

Alright, thats it! Hope everyone is doing well, and Im off to comment on all your blogs and catch up!

puppy breath and lively licks,


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th! And Torri's Tasty SAMPLES!

Hey everyone! Happy 4th of July!!! I have a couple extra minutes before we leave while all the girls in my house are running around getting everything organized and so I thought I should do a short post on things regarding the samples.

So as you all can see, our winner was the Veggie & Cheese Terrier Tea Cakes (mmmm!), along with the "Good Dog" Carob Chip Cookies. So when you get your box, you will see those, plus possibley some of the Original Peanut Butter Biscuits and one my mom just made the other day called "Mega Meaties".

Thanks to all who voted and who wants to be a super-taste tester!! Be sure to make your payments so that when we get back we can get everything sorted out and ready to go for you all! Also, if you didnt reply in the first post about samples and you want some, write my mom and let us know!! ok? We wont be able to check it for a couple of days but well still get it.

So I think thats about it, everyone have a safe, fun 4th of July, sorry I cant comment on your blogs but mom is taking my stuff out to the car so I think that means Id better scoot!

puppy breath & lively licks,


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Torri's Tasty SAMPLES! And Beach trip

Ok everyone, I finally pulled some strings after all of you. You all said youd LOVE to taste test for us right? Hehe WELL! Mom and I worked together to sort this out so that way you can all get to try some of my mommas amazing treats and critique them for her. Arent you all glad youre my friend? hehe.. Heres how its gonna work:

  • Everyone who replies to this blog and says they want to recieve treats will all be written down so we know who to send these little goodies to.

  • Since shipping food items can get a little pricey, mom asks you to please send $2 ($3 if youre international) to pay for shipping, and to email us your address at From there, we will give you our address to send the money to, OR if you have a Pay Pal, you can send us the money through there. Once we have recieved the shipping money, well bundle up your goodies and get them in the mail pronto! Shipping money should be recieved by July 12th so we can ship your treats while theyre still fresh.

  • I will put a poll up on the top right hand of my page for you all to vote on which 2 (or possibley 3) of the Tasty Treats you would like to recieve. The poll closes at the end of the day on July 3rd so vote as soon as you can, and only twice please. The majority will win!

So thats it! Oh, and Maggie & Mitch youre out for paying shipping since Maggies barkday is coming up. And mom asks if anyone knows how to work with photoshop better than she does (shes good but not THAT good), she asks to note her in the email about it, shes got a special task for you! And this PAWESOME photo of me is part of the favor.

And lastly, for the upcoming holiday (the 4th of July of course!) I will be gone from the 4th-6th because my mom and her family and I are all going to Astoria, Oregon for a mini vacation. So treats will be made after we get back from that, and Ill TRY not to eat any of the treats for you guys hehe (mom here: she might TRY, but Ill need all the back up I can get!).

puppy breath & lively licks,