Friday, July 25, 2008

The King has Arrived!

Yay! Today King Louis came in from Missouri and boy is he LITTLE! Hes little, and hes so flippin cute! I mean really, was I that cute mom?? Please say yes! Anyway hes fitting right in, though Im worried hell get more attention to me. I mean I am only a dale. But hey she chose me and not a basset! I just wanna play bitey face and romp with him but mom says hes too young for it. Plus he doesnt have very good balance and he ALWAYS trips on his huge ears so I guess Ill have to wait a couple of weeks to show the little fella how to do things around here. Anyway enough of that, here are some pictures of him!

I was feeling a little left out cause after all he is the new pup on the block, so I decided to kick it with mom.

Nice PJ's mom hehe..

So Im sure hell start his own blog soon cause um, hes gotta understand yanno this blog is when he gets that up Ill let you guys know! Hope you all have a pawesome weekend!

puppy breath and lively licks,



Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley's Place said...

Gaia,Gaia!!!! Louis trips on his ears????????????????? He is the cutest thing I've ever seen!!!!!!! Oh my...oh don't get your nose outta joint...seriously...u shall be Queen. He's gonna start peein' and poopin' on the floor...and chewin' things...AND UR GONNA LOOK REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!

AND if you do happen to make a little mess...BLAME IT ON UR BRO!!!

Work it, Girl, work it! If ya have any questions on how to manipulate this situation to ur my cell! I have most of the answers.

YOUR TREATIES CAME TODAY! tummy is so pleasantly full...Yummers...what was in those??????? We all sat and begged for them

Love ya girl....hope you guys get some sleep tonight. Suggest ur mom let u sleep in her bed, so you can put the pillow over ur collective heads to filter out the howlin'...

Congrats on the new arrival!

Earplugs, Gaia, earplugs!

Lacie girl

Pee ess...Has he tried to eat his ears yet in the bottom of his food dish?

Pee ess ess Are you REALLY going out with Petey, that handsome terrier in NYC??? WAHOO...have to put that into my Tattler column!!!

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh, he's a definite khutie!

But don't worry, girrrrls ROKHK!!

BTW, the biskhuits arrived on Friday - I'll get to try them 'soon' Saturday Saturday Saturday!!!

Happy Weekend!!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Gaia!
Welcome home King Louis!
I am sure you two will get along pretty well!
Give him some more time and show him who is boss in your house!
Don't feel sad. I know there is enough love in your home for you two!
Kisses and hugs

Faya said...

Oh Gaia....I will come and check your blog every day to take notes. I need to know everything about you and your brother. I still have 5 weeks to wait to meet my brother...ohlala....
Kisses, Faya

Asta said...

Tell youw little bwuvvew Welcome fwom me...King Louie is a doll..those eaws..
Please don't feel left out awe vewy loved and youw pawents have enough heawt fow bof of you..hope you get to play soon
smoochie kisses
pee ess I snapped a photo of you and Petey today

Maggie and Mitch said...

What a cutie he is! We totally agree with you, Gaia - the King needs his own blog so you can be Queen of yours, unless of course you want to share like we do!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

The Army of Four said...

Ha ROOO! He's totally cool! I met a Basset pup about a month ago and he was the cooooolest guy! He tripped over his ears, too, and Mom just thought that made him cuter.
Play bows,
PS: You can see my pal here

Gucci said...


HURRRAH FOR TEH KING!!!!!!!11 hehehehee.

Someday in a few months imma have a brotherrr!!! Not a brother brother but Mom's brother is gonna get a boxer!! I guess that'd make him a cousin maybe.

Anyways I think you totally win the cuteness battle in that regal castle of yours. :]


happy said...

Aaww...what a cutie! Be careful that you don't trip over his ears as well.

Bogart said...

Aw, he's a cutie pie :)

Have a great weekend pretty girl!